Extruding aluminum is the most innovative forming process for metal, allowing designers unlimited creativity and imagination to specify profiles to meet exact, specialized needs.

After working with our engineering team on design features, the process begins with creation of metal dies which precisely match the profile of the shape specified by the customer. We order a minimum of two extrusion dies to insure continual part availability. Aluminum billets are heated and forced under great pressure through the extrusion die. The variety of shapes is virtually endless, and profiles are produced to exact specifications, with very close tolerances. Once the profile is extruded, it can be further processed in our Fabrication Department.


Our facility houses two extrusion presses with the capability of cross utilization of 7 inch profiles of multiple alloys including 6063, 3003, 6005 & 6463. To ensure complete traceability, our aluminum billet is purchased with a certified detail of composition and lot information. Our automated handling equipment assists with consistent and repeatable quality.


Advantages of Extruded Aluminum